Burlap Garland with Brown Rose Buds

Lately I have noticed that garlands are everywhere.  Especially in wedding decor.  In fact, I just don’t know where all of these wonderful ideas are coming from.  It seems there should be an end to them.  But, no.  One of my favorite “idea” things to do is to Google things starting with the word “images”.  If I Google “images of garlands” I can look at a treasure trove of images from the creative minds of a million people.  Each image has a website behind it.  It is a fun and inspiring thing to do.

I didn’t find this garland anywhere.  Except at my house.  It was fun, easy, quick and cheap.  Four very important considerations.




I used two different kinds of burlap.  The green is by-the-yard and the plain came from the floral aisle and is much more loosely woven.  I used fray block on the edges of the green leaves.   It dries clear.  I tied both the plain and the green burlap around the covered wire and sewed the flower blossom through both.  I love glue dots but don’t trust them . . . especially on porous or uneven surfaces.

I find myself looking back to years and years of fads and styles and crafts.  Today’s “crafty women” seem far more creative to me than was my generation .  We did give the world large, glass coffee-table grapes, which I hear are making a comeback and little aprons for dish soap bottles !   ( I kept neither so don’t ask to see them )




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