Bling-Bling Magnets in Under an Hour

When I first heard the words bling-bling . . . I have to admit that I had to ask.  My daughters said it had to do with sparkle.  Like wedding rings.  Anything that sparkles or shines or reflects light and looks like the Hope Diamond is considered bling-bling.  Or, just bling.

I needed some little thank-you gifts.  I got thinking about the fact that the recipients of the little gifts provided service that was priceless.  Valuable.  I thought about all of the pretend bling I had seen at the craft stores and started prowling.  I came up with two things:

Large, rectangular beads marked down to 97 cents for four and sticky-back stones in pink, green and clear which looked just like the real thing.  To me.

My supplies:

I bought three cards of discount beads for 97 cents each.  That gave me twelve beads which looked like HUGE gems.

I bought a couple of packages of the BIGGEST fake gem stones I could find.  They had sixteen in a package of various sizes for $1.99.

I bought a package of magnet strips for 97 cents at Wal-Mart.  They are easy to cut with scissors.

I used paper scraps.

I bought a package of the little, tiny, brown bags which are 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches.

I bought the little, pink-heart paper clips on a close-out rack at Michaels’ for 49 cents for six.  (my best find of the day)

This is what I did:

Cut the magnets and put them on the back on each stone.

Cut bright card stock paper to fit inside of the little, brown bags.

Stamped the bags with my “be silly and have fun” stamp.

Rounded the edges of the card stock paper with a corner punch.

Used a tiny piece of double-stick tape on the back of each “gem” to attach them to the bright and happy card-stock paper.

Carefully slid the paper with the gems on the front into each brown, paper bag.

Folded over the flap and closed with a little, heart paper clip.

“I have always wondered why people make such a fuss about jewelry.

I simply can’t tell the difference between real bling and fake bling.

I can lose either one.”


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