The Doll House

“A place for everything, and everything in its place.”

-Benjamin Franklin-

journal entry:

Grandpa made it for his youngest daughter when she was about this age.  We had little money to spend and so it was quite simple.  He kept it open on both sides since he had two little daughters who might want to play with it at the same time.  He made it tall so that little people could stand up and look right into the upstairs.  By the time this lucky daughter had outgrown it, most of the furniture was lost or broken.  Years went buy.  It moved around with us .  When the owner of the doll house became a mother, she had little boys.  Little boys only like doll houses until they are about three.  Then other boys tell them that doll houses are “girl things” and they don’t want to play with them anymore.

Then, the little granddaughters started coming.   From behind all of the boxes out came the doll house.  I looked at it and wondered about the furniture.  Little by little, over a few years, I found a bedroom and then a bathroom and then a family and then a playground.  Before I knew it, I had furnished the house again and it had a new life.  How wonderful to have fathers and grandfathers who build things for children !

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