Grandma Loves Finger Paints

“Are we to paint what is on the face, or behind the face, or inside of the face?”

-Pablo Picasso-

journal entry:

Okay, Grandmas.  Summer is the perfect time for finger paints.  Winter is not.  In the house is not.  In regular clothes is not.  Four in a package at WalMart.  A bargain.

Yellow, green, red and blue.  Thick and sticky.  Really messy.  You can send children all over the yard painting things.  Rocks.  Trees.  Swing sets.  Fences.

Grandmas can sit far away and hold a hose in their hand.  Or they can turn the hose on before they sit down and sit far away.  It depends on what the Grandmas are wearing.

The best part is that nothing stays . . . or stains.  They are completely washable and that is why I LOVE THEM.  It is fun to watch what children do with them.  It is fun to see how incredulous they are when you tell them to paint anything they want to.  Anything?  Well, almost anything except me or Grandpa or an animal.  Oh.  That’s not anything they say.

At the end of the day it doesn’t even matter if they squirt the paint into the pool.  They can wash off while they are there and you have to empty the pool anyway  so that it can get dirty again the next day.  There are hours of summer “Grandma” fun in a box of finger paints.  Don’t be shy !

“Some little girls don’t like to get their hands dirty.  If that is the case, you are out of luck with finger paints.”


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