The Potato Chip

Nothing Quite Like It

The Grandchildren named it “The Potato Chip” but it is officially called the Wonder Wave. I bought it online and it was a nightmare to put together. It took three adults to accomplish the task.

But, when it was done, it was wonderful. During the yearly family gathering it was in constant use. Up to five kids could play on it at a time and it comes with handles all around to hold on to.

Why would you need to hold on, you ask?

Because if you are lighter than the person on the other side of the “potato chip” and that person jumps on it, you just might fly through the air and land on the ground with a thump and some tears.

Why would any Grandmother buy such a thing?

The answer is because it looked really, really fun and it was and it is.

Grandpa put some hooks into the wood of the deck and hung it underneath. It is very easy to get down when someone wants to play with it. It wasn’t cheap but nothing nice is. It is really tough and I expect to get years of use from it.

Even young teens love it.

When I said “teeter totter, bread and water” as these girls were rocking back and forth, they looked at each other and then at me and said “huh”?

Are teeter-totters a thing of the past along with so many other fun things?

“If you are squeamish about things like this then don’t read this post.”


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