There Is No End to Fun In A Photo Booth


Several hours later, we were still dressing up and pretending.

The sun went down but I was snapping away until the last ray of light.



Only they, the enraptured actors and actresses

can tell you about their experiences.

There is no doubt that they approached their

dress-ups and their poses with artistic passion.

To that, they would say “what?” and I would have to say . . . “never mind”.



Quincy was feeling especially expressive as the evening progressed.

 I was sure that lines from a great play were going to come from her mouth any minute,

or, a familiar song from an opera.

She was SO sincere.



Holden kept the tights. Don’t ask.

Maybe a future Halloween costume ?

I have to admit that his outfit has personality.




Even when Holden is just sitting around telling stories,

or eating a carrot from the garden he has personality.

Lots of it.



He is really good at finding the sweetest carrots

and making them look like photo props.



I thrifted a plain, wooden chair, which Grandpa painted this wonderful color.

How delightful that as little as she is,

Maya saw that her shoes and the chair belonged in the same photograph.

I told the parents that I would rub out the little pirate tattoos

from earlier in the day but the kids said

  “oh, please, no . . . we are still pirates”

and the parents said “oh, well.”

The pink chair went home with Melissa.



 The funky shoes were saved from last year’s gathering.

All the girls could say was “how in the world does anyone ever walk in these?”

That it is a very good question.


This young lady is simply waiting

for her ship to come in. 

(She may not have this particular ship in mind.)









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