Through Grandma’s Eyes: Helmets

“Life’s tough.  Get a helmet !”

-Steve Young – San Francisco 49ers-

journal entry:

Our children didn’t have helmets when they were young.  It really wasn’t something people did . . . yet.  Just like our children didn’t sit in car seats.  But our grandchildren.  Now, that is a different story.  As a grandmother I have learned to buckle babies into car seats and children onto booster seats wrapped in a grown-up seat belt.  I have learned to ask the parents of my grandchildren if something I am thinking of doing or buying is too dangerous.  Whenever my grandchildren decide to ride their bikes or anything like it . . . I sound just like their mother. ” Don’t you dare get on that bike until you put on your helmet !” I am proud of the parents of my grandchildren.  They are firm.

Christmas morning came this year and these two REALLY needed helmets.  Not only did their dad build a jump for them but they had pogo sticks.  On went the helmets.  Even though they have done face plants before with the helmets on, their little brains have been protected.  Up and down they went and round and round.  They took time now and then to go from their bikes to their pogo sticks.   Both are perfect activities to get the wiggles out of little boy bodies.  Perfect.

This week they will go to the ski hill.  You can’t live in “the greatest snow on earth” without skiing.  Talmage will take his new snowboard.  Holden will ski with his mother.  Everyone will wear helmets. Very, very wise !

“After victory, tighten your helmet cord.”

-Japanese Proverb-

“Life is not about how fast you run, or how high you climb,

but how high you bounce.”


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