Through Grandma’s Eyes: The Bug

“When birds burp, it must taste like bugs.”

-Calvin and Hobbes-

journal entry:

Kids like potato bugs because they tickle and you can keep track of them.  Actually, if you lose track of your potato bug you can just start playing with your potato bug’s brother or sister because they are all related and are everywhere.  If you touch your potato bug and it curls up . . . you can just roll it away and look for another one.  If it is curled up in your hand you can wait for a minute and it will uncurl.  Then you can either put in down on the sidewalk or touch it again.  If you touch it again it will curl up again.  If you are a little kid, you might like doing this over and over and over.  By itself, the photograph would be a mystery.  With others from the same morning,  it becomes evidence of just one more adventure in the life of a little boy.

“If you want to live and thrive,

let the spider run alive.”

-American Quaker Saying-

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