Through Grandma’s Eyes: The Skis

“One kind word can warm three winter months.”

-Japanese Proverb-

journal entry:

GREAT!  WOW! AWESOME!  I said one kind word each of three ways.  Does that mean that I can warm nine months? Add this to my list of favorite photographs.  It was a perfect day for winter things. I love to take pictures in the winter.  Especially with snow all around. It was Christmas !  And with Christmas came new skis.  Talmage didn’t have to ride a bus or load up a car to try out his new skis.  Grandpa’s house had a hill !  YAY!  The snow was deep and new .  Nothing poked through it. There were no distractions.  Just a background of pure, white snow and a boy with new skis ! He ran up and skied down.  Up and down.  I was tired watching him.

“The first step binds one to the second.”

-French Proverb-

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