Scrapbooking: Use A Calendar

“Time in minutes slips away.

First the hour and then the day.

Small the daily loss appears,

’till it soon amounts to years.”

-Inscription Indianapolis Public Library-

journal entry:

A 12×12 calendar format is a VERY easy way to keep a journal without a lot of fuss.  This is what I do:

  • Buy a calendar that is as close to 12×12 as I can find
  • Detach all of the pages and trim them so that I have 12 pages . . . one for each month
  • Mount each month’s page on heavy 12×12 card stock
  • Put each mounted month into a 12×12 sheet protector
  • Put the 12 pages into a 12×12 album.

When January comes around, I am ready for the month’s events.  If there is a family birthday on the 10th, I add a picture of the birthday person to that day.  I just trim it until it fits over the box for that day.  It there are special events in the month, I add small pictures to the calendar page to tell the future, what is behind the calendar page.  Then, I put the actual pages together which are highlighted on the calendar page.  The more extensive pages go behind the calendar page for the month in which they happened.  There are months when nothing much happened.  These calendar pages are quite bare.  There are months when LOTS of things happened.  These calendar pages are busy with pictures and words.  It is sort of like keeping a journal only it is fun !  September was a marathon month for Clara’s daddy.  The calendar page shows pictures from the race.  The page in the forefront is a page from the event itself, which sits behind the calendar page.  I’ll bet you are wondering how two people could look the same in the race?  Well, I made color copies of a couple of photographs and enlarged them.  I cut them out and mounted them on the paper.  It provided a fun way to bring the runner closer and closer.

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