Scrapbooking: Things Keep Changing

“If you don’t like something, change it;

if you can’t change it,

change the way you think about it.”

-Mary Engelbreit-

journal entry:

When I first spread out everything I had to put into scrapbooks it was as if the universe had crashed on my table. I had five piles for children . . . a pile for me and a pile for Grandpa. I had grandchildren piles. I had a pile for each home where we had lived, for extended family, for special occasions including everyone’s certificates, documents, keepsakes and treasures. I had piles for Grandpa’s adventures and piles for the travels of my children out of the country. I had baby things and grown-up things.  Where should I start?  Well.  The first scrapbooks were quite simple and unimaginative.  The later scrapbooks were more interesting because papers became more creative.  Rather than try to “scrapbook” every picture, I tried to be selective . . . all the while thinking about what I was doing as telling a story.  Sometimes I told individual stories and sometimes the photographs told family stories.  About ten years ago I decided to try a different approach.  I decided to  choose “representative” photographs  which I put together by the month in which the event happened.  For several years I was faithful to this format.  Looking back at these 12×12 pages is really fun.  Most of the papers seem old-fashioned.  There were rarely “embellishments” because they weren’t available yet.  They did have stickers, but they were quite simple.  I didn’t have a color printer so my text was always in black and white.  I didn’t have Photoshop (which I still don’t have)  or Picasa so there was no way to put text on the photographs.  Early photographs had been taken with a million different cameras, generally without any option to “zoom”.  Most people looked like ants.  Since 2000 my photographs were taken with my trusty Canon 35 mm camera which ate film like a fifteen-year-old boy.  Because the photographs were “pre-digital” I didn’t take as many. Watching the evolution of scrapbooking is almost as fun as looking at the scrapbooks themselves.

“Just because everything is different

doesn’t mean anything has changed.”

-Irene Peter-

(I don’t know about that)

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