Tiny Things to Tuck Away

“HATS, where do you belong? What is under you?

On the rim of a skyscraper’s forehead I looked down at fifty thousand hats:

Swarming with a noise of bees and sheep, cattle and waterfalls,

Stopping with a silence of sea grass, a silence of prairie corn.

Hats.  Tell me your high hopes.

-Carl Sandburg-

journal entry:

It is time for me to tuck a few little things away.  Things I want my family to “find” in years to come.  Things that will surprise them.  Like this little book.  It is a board book.  It is only three inches by six inches and has five pages besides the covers.  I chose my favorite photographs of Afton and the newly-found hat from a quiet and fun morning.  I trimmed them to the size of the pages and glued them on.  I glued the red print paper on the opposite sides of the photographs. On the cover I made a teeny, tiny hat and added Afton’s nickname and the year.  On the back I added one of my cards.  Then, I used my Big Bite and punched two holes in the last page of the book and put a ribbon through the holes.  The ribbon ties in the front when the teeny, tiny book isn’t being used and keeps it safe.  I sprayed every page with high gloss sealer and tucked it away.  My thinking is that I would have loved to run across something like this from my grandmother . . . just loved to.

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