My Garden Flowers Through a Macro Lens

“Nature composes some of her most lovely poems for the microscope and the telescope.”

-Theodore Roszak-

journal entry:

Now I know that there is a hidden world which can only be appreciated through a macro lens.  I am not one to take many pictures of things without people.  Just seems like down the road those pictures won’t matter.  Much of the time I take pictures from nature for Grandpa to paint.  He is a watercolor painter.  My eyes thought they were seeing one thing but my camera . . . a Canon 50D with a Canon 100 mm macro lens was seeing something else.  It is simply wonderful.  During the years of raising children it was hard to spend on anything except the basics.  I had to grow older to see that it is possible to save for things one doesn’t need.  Like a macro lens.  It is nearing the end of the season.  Already the flowers are getting a little sad looking.  The best part of this photograph to me is the grass next to the fading zinnia.  Look how the lens picks up the delicacy of the strands and the color on the ends.  I couldn’t see either before I took the photograph.  Oh, my.  What a beautiful world.

I will tell you that many things about computers and electronic things stress me.  I am just not intuitive about these things.  But, the fact that I am keeping track of my adventures on a blog means I can learn.  Picasa from Google is a kindred spirit.  Whomever designed it had me in mind.  The photograph above is actually three photographs with my macro lens.  Once downloaded and moved into Picasa I created a collage.  Believe me.  It was easy.  There are many options to choose from in the collage.  I chose to superimpose three macro photographs over each other.  This is what I got.  See.  Ask my children.  If I can learn to do these things . . . any grandmother can !

“Seeing is believing.”

-Author Unknown-

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