Collage Photography

“Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.”


journal entry:

If I was a millionaire I would buy every magazine by Stampington and Company that has ever been published.  I especially love Where Women Create and the new publication Artful Blogging.  While I have a few Stampington magazines, I always feel enormous guilt when I walk to the check stand and plop down the money. I think about all of the food I could buy with it.   For days I go over and over and over every page to make certain that I got my money’s worth.  Soaking up photographs and ideas and colors and textures.   High time I figured out how to do something myself.   The world of the computer is still quite intimidating to me if I have to do anything much.  That is why I say to all grandmothers . . . do what my son tells me to do.  Just click around.  Then keep clicking around.  More clicking.  If you goof something up it won’t be the end of the world. Your son or someone like him will try to find what you lost.   He is right.  Click, click.  I came up with photographs like this one.  A collage.  What do you think?

“Collage is the noble conquest of the irrational, the coupling of two realities,

irreconcilable in appearance, upon a plane which apparently does not suit them.”

-Max Ernst-

” . . . . . so?”



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