Toy Bags and Teeny Tiny Cars

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Here is another CHRISTMAS SECRET !  DON’T TELL !

I know that posting these photographs might spoil the fun for the grown-ups but it keeps me current. This blog is, after all, my journal of things I like to do.  These little toy bags were fun and easy to make. Inside of each are five teeny tiny friction-operated cars, barely larger than a quarter. Never fear. They are TOUGH AND FAST !  When you pull the little cars backwards on the floor for only a few inches and let them go, they race for many, many yards. Wow ! These came from a wonderful old store named Broadbents.  Famous for old fashioned toys on a small scale. I had to wait until another Grandma’s hand was out of the container before I could get the number I needed. Thank heaven she had small hands, too. I was getting warm just waiting to see if she would take all of them.

I love two little boys in Arizona. I can imagine their little, chubby hands and their delight when they find that the teeny tiny cars ALSO go fast.

These little bags and their cargo are going into the “Christmas box” today.



But what about loose toys just lying around getting stepped on and lost. BIG and BIGGER toy bags might help? Several of these larger toy bags are also going into the Christmas box today.  I love to buy fabric at Broadbents and The Quilting Cottage. I usually buy pieces of 1/4 and 1/3 yards.  That is because I like to mix and match the prints and colors.  {I do remember when that wasn’t cool. Like all the time I was growing up}  The available quilt fabrics are wonderful for everything. Yes. They are more expensive than some fabric stores  but they are unique and very good quality. These are all 100% cotton and are drawn closed with heavy ribbon.





Texture, color, contrast and funky prints.

Isn’t that just the recipe for getting little hands to pick up toys?




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