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Perhaps you read the post for “Toy Bags and Teeny Tiny Cars”.  If you did then you know that after the two little boys I mentioned get through playing with their VERY FAST little cars, they will be tired. One can snuggle up with robots and the other with wild animals.  These, too, are going into the Christmas box today and off to Arizona to be opened on Christmas morning.

When I walk around the quilt shop and buy lots of fabric, I am sure that the clerks think that I am a “quilter”.  There are few things that impress me more than a woman (or a man, whoops) who can actually “quilt”.  I am not a quilter. I am a “tie-the-quilt” person.  The daddy of the boys in question actually “asked” me to make a light-weight quilt for each of them.  I was completely in heaven. Did that mean that he remembered all of the fun quilts I made for him and his brothers and sisters when they were children?  Well. If not, I was still glad to do it and had fun choosing the fabric.


Owen is turning two this month. He gets the wild animals.

Andrew is three and gets the robots.


Truly they were EASY EASY EASY  and off they go !







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