Almost Christmas

journal entry:

It just isn’t the same on Christmas Eve without little children around. They make everything so exciting. They love mysteries and surprises. They love to ask “if I guess right will you tell me what is in the package?” The answer has eternally been NO ! Little visits from family over the many days have brought the wonder of Christmas into our home and into our lives.

Lydia loves the penguin. Actually, Lydia loves everything.  She has a loving nature.  She also loves the giraffe with the long neck which has hung on our Christmas Tree for as long as she can remember.



How could George be anything BUT good.  He is delightful. No matter what comes his way he says “WOW”.  He has a grateful nature. Christmas will come tomorrow, George. Yes Santa will come too and Yes Santa will bring a toy for you.  And yes, we will try to be good !



Well. Someday I will pass them around. Cars and toys and animals and fish and robots and astronauts and snowmen and pirates and skiers and Santa and the face of Jesus inside of a clear, round ball. Someday I will. But not yet.  I still love to decorate the tree each year and add a few new things to it.  I love to hear the little children say “look” and “I remember this” and “come and see”.  That is the fun to me. Everything on the tree is designed for the eyes and fingers of children.

Clara remembers most of them. She has an inquisitive nature. Spent an hour touching each one. Even lifting her little brother George to let him touch the rabbit which was very high. He actually preferred the train and airplane and car which I had safely placed on the lower branches.

Someday it will be fun to let the little children-turned parents themselves to choose their favorites.



And, what about Afton?  She loves Christmas, too !  She is only three and isn’t sure what she remembers from being two. Probably not many ornaments. But she can touch them and pick her favorites and I’ll just bet that next year she will remember many, many more.  Afton has a very curious nature. She doesn’t miss a thing.


Little, teeny, gingerbread houses !

You can even make one with your brother Holden on your back.

Ask Tally.


It’s Christmas Eve and it’s getting late.

Do you hear anything?





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