Matching Game: Things With Wheels !

journal entry:

“This and That” is a new category I have added to my blog. That is because sometimes an idea or a project really doesn’t take up a very big post but I still want to remember it. This matching game, named THINGS WITH WHEELS is one of those “this or that” posts.

Quick description:

  • Small after-Christmas tin with see-through lid. ($1.19 at JoAnn’s)
  • Images from the Internet saved to Picasa. (most from catalogs online)
  • Photos of the cars printed out and mounted on red card stock. (or any other color you have)
  • Name of the type of game written on one of the things-with-wheels photographs using Picasa.
  • Print out multiple THINGS WITH WHEELS cover image with words on 8×11 sheets of photo paper using Picasa.
  • Add the description of the type of matching game to one side of the back of each match.
  • Cut cards in half. (If you laminate first and then cut, the cards will not be laminated well and will come apart.)
  • Laminate.
  • Spread them out face up so that little people can put the cars together.
  • This game is for Andrew and Owen. Their daddy tried it first and he did just fine !



“Our whole life is solving puzzles.”

-Erno Rubik-

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