Turkey Time Tiny Chalkboards



journal entry:

Best to get these gobbling turkeys into my journal before Thanksgiving. They won’t do much gobbling after that.

Using the wood from our recently thinned poplar trees, Grandpa cut some “little name holders” out of one long branch followed by a slit in the top of each one to hold names. I found these little turkey chalkboards at Michael’s. They were in the close-out section with the Halloween stuff on the First of November. I thought it was a mistake.

Why would Thanksgiving be discounted

before anyone had a chance to come looking for it ?

( The clerk didn’t know nor did she care.)




She did verify that it wasn’t a mistake and that all of the Autumn was discounted along with the Halloween.

Maybe I had missed Thanksgiving and didn’t need to cook a Turkey after all.

I bought these adorable turkeys in packages of 12 for $2.22. I don’t know where that number came from but I was fine with it. I prepared each one by rubbing chalk over each surface and wiping it away. I bought a chalk pencil. I assigned the task of writing the names and placing them next to each person as they sat down for Thanksgiving Dinner to Clara. She is really good at that sort of thing.




Also in the discount section was this wonderful Thanksgiving stamp. (above)

It was only fifty cents.

” Who does not thank for little, will not thank for much.”

-Estonian Proverb-





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