Upholstery Fabric Bags with Felt Flowers

It is impossible to walk through a furniture store without running our hands on the fabric.  We always want to know what if feels like.  If it is soft.  Or rough.  Many of the fabrics chosen for chairs and sofas is a soft velour.  With deep patterns and beautiful colors.  I love upholstery fabric.  And that is why I love the Home Fabric Store.  They sell nothing but the ends of bolts.  The store is always getting new fabric and discounting the old.  I never need much.  In fact, two bags like this one can be made from one third of a yard of fabric since it is so wide.  This fabric was originally ten dollars a yard at Home Fabric, discounted 30 percent the day I shopped and I only needed one third.  The math works for me.

Many upholstery fabrics have beautiful patterns on both sides.  One is, of course, intended to be the top but because the back is often just as pretty, you don’t have to line these bags unless you want to.

I am not the one to tell anyone how to make felt flowers.  I scoured pictures on the Internet to find out how other people did it.  Then I tried.  And tried.  After a few, my flowers looked more like flowers and more like I wanted them to look.  I tried different shapes and colors and kinds of felt.  For some I made buds in the middle and for others I simply used beads.  Then I sewed them by hand onto the bags.  I need to start using a thimble.  Truly.

Enjoy !



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