Welcome To The Zoo

“Somebody told me that it is all happening at the Zoo. “

-Paul Simon-

journal entry:

I think I might have made a good kindergarten teacher.  Not so much that I knew things to teach but that I knew how to find things to laminate.  I am sure I could really decorate a classroom.  When my children were small, I often went to the school supply store to find fun things to put on the walls, like big calendars to keep track of the lives of seven people.  My daughter is the first grade teacher.  Her room was exactly the way I would have wanted a room.  I like to prowl a neighborhood scrapbook store which also has a huge supply of school things.  Among them was this “Welcome to the Zoo” package.   This is what I did:

  • Punched out each piece  { they were pre-cut }
  • Laminated those pieces that would fit into my laminator on 8 1/2 x 11 sheets
  • Took the bigger pieces back to the store where I bought them and had them laminated for me
  • Trimmed all of the pieces, leaving at least one half of an inch around the edges
  • Attached peel-off magnet strips to the backs of the pieces

In the playroom is a magnet board.  Grandpa hung it VERY low on the wall, just a foot from the floor so that little people could see it ‘straight on’ and use it easily.  I moved the Zoo to the playroom and put every piece on the board.  The pieces are big and easy to handle.  I was generous with the magnets.  If it is raining, maybe a trip to this Zoo will be okay !

“The Zoo is an excellent place to study the habits of human beings.”

-Author Unknown-

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