Alphabet on a Ring

“My alphabet starts with this letter called yuzz.  It’s the letter I use to spell yuzz-a-ma-tuzz.

You’ll be sort of surprised what there is to be found

once you’ve gone beyond “Z” and start poking around.”

-Dr. Seuss-

journal entry:

One of my favorite things to do in life is to make something out of something else.  Not that an alphabet book wasn’t obvious when I saw this package of cards, but I could see how easy it would be to do it and how fun it would be for little fingers and little eyes and little ears.   These small cards are made by the company October Afternoon.  I used a coupon to buy them so they cost $2.50 for the package.   I was drawn to them for other reasons.  The vintage illustrations reminded me of childhood books.  In a world where things are increasingly bright and bold . . . these soft, little, illustrated alphabet cards just felt nice.

Using double-stick tape I attached the cards back to back.  Then I lined them up on large lamination sheets.  I left lots of room around them because I wanted them to be a little bigger.  I passed the pages through the laminator and cut them apart using my paper cutter.  I trimmed the edges with little craft scissors so that instead of sharp they were round.  I could have used a corner-rounder punch but they sometimes get stubborn with laminated things.

The fun part is always at the end.  I punched a hole in each card with my Big Bite and threaded the cards onto a large, red ring.  Then I scrounged around for something more.  I added some “wooden things” with holes and “some other things without names”.   When everything was settled, I used a dab of super glue where the ring opens so it won’t come apart.   Yes. I know.  Mother’s might not want very little people to say their alphabet with this book.  I think older toddlers will do just fine.  They don’t chew on things the way they used to.

“The only charm of the past is that it is the past.”

-Oscar Wilde-

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