What Else Did I See ? Family Gathering 2018

What Else Did I See ?

I saw Tucker ride his favorite trike down the hill without crashing.

I saw Tucker comfort his cousin Holden when HE crashed.

I saw mommy super-heroes have conversations with junior super-heroes.

I saw Maya voluntarily take a break to study a real compass.

I saw Lydia wear two hats in a pink chair while eating a carrot from the garden.

I saw secret messages that were not written in disappearing ink.

I saw Holden grow up before my eyes.

I saw the fascination everyone had for a real spyglass.

I saw Maya throw balls into the pool while Olive threw them out the other side.

I saw three-person races on the slip-n-slide without any injuries.

I saw the patience of the-most-sought-after-face-painter-on-the-planet . . . Clara.

I saw contentment on the faces of little girls while they waited for a turn.

I saw Lydia wear the apron I made for her . . . well, all day and everywhere.

I saw eyes that twinkled and mouths with happy corners.

This was only part of what I saw.

There is more.





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