More Of “What Else Did I See?” Family Gathering 2018


I saw a wonderful grandson  who visited with everyone and put his phone in his pocket most of the time.

I saw kindness and love among siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles. 

I saw careful driving although the pirate scarf kept

inching down dangerously low over his eyes.

I saw kindness and attention everywhere there was a child.

I saw nothing but delight with the artistry of painted faces.

I saw an exhausted face painter who didn’t complain.

I saw scary pirates who worked together and shared the snacks.

I saw children of all ages who used their imaginations.

I saw pirates make up fabulous names !

I saw cousins trade Pokeman cards and talk about them in another language.

I saw otherwise squirmy children sit perfectly still.   Hmmmmmm.

I saw fathers paint pirate faces.



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