What I Learned: Family Gathering 2018

You Can Learn So Many Things Through a Camera Lens

Poke’man is a foreign language and children are fluent.

If left unsupervised, children will let the water out of any rubber pool.

Most Poppers never pop.

Grown-ups cry when they see F-35 jets fly overhead.

Water is more fun when you have a pair of goggles.

Anything you can light with a match which makes noise is a magnet for kids.

Some children hang onto the box until they are convinced they DO have to share.

There are never enough sparklers.

Half of the grandchildren for fireworks is better than none. 

Parents of young children love to sit and not get up until they have to.

Cousins are adorable but they can disagree just like siblings only quieter.

Children eventually obey rules and take turns. It is amazing to behold.





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