All Through the House

“Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house . . . “

journal entry:

I wonder why we love what we do?  Why we are pulled toward certain things . . . colors . . . styles.  I love Christmas “all through the house”.  I love digging out the Christmas boxes and re-discovering years of treasures.  Familiar treasures.  Our mantle  is a village.  Not a village of little houses and people but an “over -sized” village with houses which are mostly birdhouses.  There are snowmen and trees.  Old metal cars and trucks.  Even a little bear who thinks he is fooling everyone by dressing as a snowman.  Each year, as I unwrap our Christmas treasures I think about where they came from and when.  About why there is sentiment attached to some treasures and just plain love attached to others.  I think that our collections of Christmas things . . . whether big or small . . . are filled with our personalities.

The carolers sing from the top of the piano.  The mantle is behind them.  The carolers are among my favorite Christmas keepsakes. I especially love to put a soft light on their faces.  They seem so angelic.

Every year I put something in these tin buckets.  This year it is poinsettias.  Last year it was Paper Whites.  New this year are the red shutters and the very tall folk angel.  From the floor to the top of her horn is about three feet.  She is wonderful.  Christmas is so calming and comforting. These are just a few of my favorite things . . .

all through the house !

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