Burlap Door Decor



Burlap. Old, brown and stinky.

Ahhhh . . . not so, anymore !  Burlap has become beautiful.

Just last week I found yellow, red, blue, robin-egg blue, pink, orange, three shades of brown, black and a myriad of selections with black designs on them. Chevrons. Lots with different colors of chevrons.

 Oh.  And pretty little rolls of burlap in different colors. With finished edges.

Who would have thought?


This little bag was made from the burlap on a roll. So was the bright, red flower.



The bag holds a little snip of this and that. These are artificial flowers but look just like the spring flowers emerging outside.

If you want to put fresh flowers inside of the bag you can put a little Ziploc bag inside and fill it half-full of water. It will stand right up. Then walk around the yard (or the neighborhood) and snip a little here and there !

Below is a little variation. I made leaves from covered floral wire and attached them around and under the red, burlap flower.


Pussy Willows

Pussy Willows grow

Where sun has melted snow.

They beg and stretch and yawn

And really carry on.

I wonder if the’re hot

Inside their fur or not?

(by Grandma in 3rd Grade)

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