Felt Bunnies by Hand


Wouldn’t our ancestors laugh at us if they heard us say “made by hand” . . . like it was such a great accomplishment.

They didn’t know there was any other way.


(because we have the time to make little felt rabbits

and we don’t need the supplies for something else . . like our clothing)

These were easy little critters to make. I used a nice weight of felt and sewed them by hand. I especially loved making their floppy ears. Their whiskers are made from embroidery floss as are their little, black eyes. They are filled with Poly-fill.



I cut different sizes of cream-colored felt for the tails.

I just looped each piece over and sewed it by hand to each rabbit’s you-know-what.

That’s really about all their is to say about little, felt, rabbits and their tails.








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