Vintage Easter Blocks


I have been on a “block thing” lately. I thought that I would just buy a couple of little bags of blocks at the craft store to make some puzzles. Well, one thing led to another and soon I was buying lengths of wood for Grandpa to cut with the saw. Cutting blocks yourself is less expensive than buying cut blocks if you plan to use a “lot” of blocks.

I did and I did.

(I did plan to use a lot and I did use a lot.)

I keep images on my computer which I have found on the Internet. The images are strictly for my own use and are never used commercially in any way. In my Vintage Easter Images file, I selected the images I wanted to print and created a collage in Picasa. I selected the collage option where each image is the same size. (You can also use the Contact Sheet option depending on the size of blocks you are going to use.) The blocks shown above and just below are 2 x 2 inches.

Little people are fascinated by vintage images. They so frequently feature animals doing human things. I have to agree that vintage anything can be strange. It is still hard for me to hear something I remember from my childhood referred to as “vintage”. Like a regular telephone. Or “curlers”.

Guess I better get used to it.



This set of blocks has a different image on each side. 6 images to a block. Most of the “block” projects I have recently made are puzzles. With puzzles there are still six images to a block but each image is part of a larger image which has to be put together to make a complete picture. Look for the post titled “Story Blocks” coming soon after this post.


Teeny Tiny Blocks

I call these teeny tiny blocks “pocket blocks” because they fit in your pocket. These particular blocks are 3/4 x 3/4 inches and have many of the same images as the larger Vintage Easter blocks. These blocks are three- to- a- teeny- tiny- organdy- bag and are little Easter gifts for some friends. As with most things I make, they are sort of silly and non-essential which means they are often the things I love the most.



Happy Easter !


Quincy the Rabbit says Happy Easter, too !

( taken just this week-end )





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