Pink Things Memory Game for Girls



After Christmas these tins are always discounted TONS. This year I bought them at JoAnn’s. They ended up costing $1.19 each for the largest size and $.79 for the smaller size. I bought them in different sizes because they are perfect for the little things I like to make. Some were even square.

In this case, I used one for this “Memory Game” for girls which is made up entirely of things that are pink.

Be patient and I will show you !






  • I prowled the Internet for images of things that were PINK and saved them to a “Pink Things” file.
  • I printed them out two per 4×6 photo sheet as wallet size. I used only images with a completely white background.
  • I mounted them with spray adhesive on lightweight chipboard.
  • I used Zazzle cards (see my post titled Zazzle Cards from Heaven) to finish the memory cards and make them look like a set.


As with most Memory Games, you turn the cards “pink” side down and mix them around. Then you take turns turning over two cards and trying to REMEMBER where you saw each image. Little kids do best with about 15-20 images to remember while the older kids can handle the whole bunch. There is no rule for the best number except that little kids get less frustrated with fewer cards to remember while they are learning the game.

Each time someone gets a match, they get another turn. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get one. A turn, I mean.


Above is a better look at the “pink side” of the cards. I simply “Googled” “pink things” and selected “Images” to find those I wanted to save and use.

The world is full of PINK THINGS.


I distressed the edges with an ink pad and stacked the cards into the funky red metal container.

I love these containers because you can see through the lids and they stack.

“Is it my turn yet?”


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