Ivy’s Graduation Keepsake Necklace


It is Ivy’s graduation day.

 In a world of limitless possibilities for gifts for every occasion . . . or no occasion . . .

we settled on a keepsake. Something with symbolism.

It is a BOHO ( a new word I learned) necklace made from beads, ribbon, lace and charms.

Each charm has a special meaning and message for Ivy. 

( I have laminated the key to the charms to accompany the necklace)


  • Turtle                          Life lasts long. Slow and steady wins the race. Keep plugging.
  • Headphones             Listen to the Spirit. Follow its promptings. It will keep you safe.
  • Clock                            Time passes no matter what you do with it. Do something good.
  • Owl                                Be wise. 
  • Acorn                          Prepare for what may come. Be frugal. Save for a rainy day.
  • Camera                       Keep your eyes wide open. Remember the best things. Keep track.
  • Bee                                Be industrious. Don’t waste time. Be known as a hard-worker.
  • Globe                           The world is big. Learn about it. Be grateful for where and when you live.
  • Binoculars                 Look closely at everything but keep a distant view of where you want to go.



Perhaps it is just getting older that causes me to think more about things.

Things that might survive today and have meaning tomorrow.

This gift can be tucked away until Ivy, too, is old.

Then she will understand why I made it

and what  her Grandfather and I hoped for her future.


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