Shadow Puppets for Everyone


It’s that time again. A summer get-together.

This year I thought it would be fun to make Shadow Puppets.




I used my Silhouette cutting machine to cut most of the shapes. I sized the images to be as close to a full-size 8 1/2 x 11 paper as possible so that there would be NO question what or who the shape was. Also, I thought it might be easier for little hands to handle bigger images. I looked online for additional shapes and silhouettes which I saved to my computer and printed on white card stock with black ink. (That means one side of the image is white and the other black but it really doesn’t matter. ) I tried not to pick images with a lot of detail since I had to cut each computer image out by hand.  The Silhouette-cut images were, by far, the easiest !




Each family gets a set of puppets and will need to work together to come up with a story using them.  I think that I will mix them around rather than giving each family puppets from the same category.

For example, I think that I will include a boy who is running with dinosaurs and a castle. Maybe I will throw in an astronaut.

If you can’t find a story in that . . . I don’t know where you can  find one !

 This was a fairly inexpensive project.

  •  The paper was on sale at JoAnn’s.
  • The sticks were 18 to a package for 97 cents at WalMart.
  • The floral foam circles were $1 each at Dollar Tree.
  • I used heavy-duty packing tape to attach the paper to the sticks.
  • I already have a white sheet and and any number of lights which will work fine.



I don’t expect these puppets to be in great shape when the puppet show is over. That is okay. Somehow, I expect the puppets to fight each other behind the sheet. Especially the dinosaurs. I plan to throw the battered puppets away but save the sticks. ( I am already thinking about Halloween Shadow Puppets ) I guess my point is that I want the children to have fun and not worry about bending or tearing the puppets.

This is just one of many activities I am preparing for our family get-together.


Look for the “big performance”.

It will be coming in a couple of weeks !



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