Drawstring Bags From Quilt Fabric



” It is curious to note the old sea-margins of human thought.

Each subsiding century reveals some new mystery;

We build where monsters used to hide themselves.”


You are asking yourself what this quote from Longfellow has to do with little drawstring bags. I will tell you that it has a lot to do with them. All the time my children were growing up, monsters used to hide everywhere. Especially under their beds. That is because instead of putting their things away. they pushed everything under their beds and ran out of the door to play.

When bedtime came, they often heard

low rumbling and soft, peculiar sounds coming from under their beds.

These were the sounds of profound disorder.

Those endless, sleepless nights of extra drinks of water and calls for Mom could have been avoided had my children had lots of draw-string bags for cleaning up their stuff.


Here are a few new bags.

They are made from quilt fabric from Broadbents on Center Street. I imagine that you could even trick a small under-the-bed monster into one of them. You could lure it with a cookie. Then, when the monster had given up on having any messy places to live, you could carry it outside in the bag.

These bags could then hold better things.

Like good dreams.



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