Flea Market Style Tick Tock






Clocks are on my list of things that I have always have been drawn to.

I love the ticking of multiple clocks which are out of sync.

I love clock shops.

I have many small clocks and some I have had for many years.

I like loud clocks and quiet clocks but I don’t like chiming clocks

although my beloved Grandmother had one

which chimed on the hour

and so did my mother.


And I don’t care for Cuckoo clocks.

Cuckoo clocks make me think of old cartoons.

Some poor, little bird was always

popping out of the door

and getting bonked.

This clock was one of the very first things I thrifted

when I began my project to update my house “entirely by thrifting”.

He is on my dresser and is a faithful timekeeper.

He ticks very, very softly.

(Even Grandpa doesn’t want to put a pillow over him.)



” A woman ordinarily has time to do all of the things she wants to do.”


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