fun with cousins

“A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.”


Most people have cousins.  Most of the people I know have lots of cousins.  I have about 40 cousins.  Some are older than I and some are younger.  Most are within a few years of my age.  My grandchildren have cousins.  On both sides of their families.  Lots of cousins.  Cousins are better than friends because you love them.  Cousins get to play together at Grandma and Grandpa’s house together . . . as often as their parents can work it out or come for a visit.

It is especially fun if someone is having a birthday when the cousins are together.  Like George.  The cousins celebrated birthday number two for George.  George especially loved his robot pajamas which were lovingly wrapped by his cousin Holden.  In fact, George loved his pajamas so much that he hugged them.  Then he hugged Holden.

Cousins like to play games.  And tell secrets.  They like to make tents with you and use flashlights.   Sometimes they like to tease but that usually doesn’t work out very well.  Someone always cries and the parents of the cousins say “okay, let’s do something else”.   Sometimes you only have friends until they move.  You always have cousins.  You even have them when you are old.  They remember your name all of their lives and always hug you when they see you.

Six cousins are better than no cousins.  Five are missing.  They live far away.

Zane, Ivy, Keeley, Talmage, Clara, Holden, Lydia, Andrew, Afton, George and Owen.  Eleven cousins and counting . . . maybe !

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