Golden Book Lacing Cards



Golden Books are old friends. While today’s Golden Books are wonderful, too, nothing beats the past. Golden Books have been around since the early 1930s.

As I searched the Internet for the covers of the books, I was helplessly transported back in time to my own childhood and to the Golden Books I remembered buying and reading to my children.


I collected the images. I cropped them in a uniform way and sent them to Costco for printing. I made them 5 x 7  so that they were easy for little hands to hold.

Then, I mounted  one on each side of a 5 x 7 piece of medium weight chipboard.

Finally, I used my Crop-o-dile ( it still kills me to say that ) to punch holes in each card and a corner rounder to round the corners. (Duh. Of course that is what a “corner rounder” does.)

 It doesn’t matter if the holes are just around the edges or inside of the picture.




If you recall, this fabric is a re-creation of the Golden Book end-papers.

From that fabric I made drawstring bags for each set of lacing cards.




I bought the laces at Hobby Lobby. They come 12 to a package for $1.99.

They are called bead laces and are on the craft aisle.

I put six laces in each bag.

I have often used shoe laces for lacing cards but they are actually more expensive.




My LACE ME UP tags come from Zazzle. When Zazzle has their 50%-off sale on business cards, I prowl around. I especially like the Zazzle cards because you can order a “chubby” card for the same price as a regular business card and you can print something different on each side.


“Small children disturb your sleep, big children your life.”

-Yiddish Proverb –

( At least we can keep small children from disturbing church.)


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