Grandpa’s Rubber Band Guns

“Don’t take your toys inside just because it’s raining.”

-Author Unknown-

journal entry:

Is there anything this Grandpa can’t do?  Not that I’ve noticed.  Boys and guns have gone together since who knows when.  These are safe guns.  The only trouble they can cause is a welt or two if you break the rules and snap a person with a rubber band.  Grandpa made patterns.  He always has patterns in his head.  Then he used the jig saw and cut out two rifles and two pistols.  He sanded the edges smooth.  He glued clothespins to the rifles and hightailed it over to Home Depot for large elastics.  When Talmage and Holden came over to play, guess what they found?  Yup.  Wonderful wooden guns.  They were in heaven.

I said that I had a rule.  It is true that I often have “a rule” about something.  This time the rule was that you could only shoot things but not people.  Rubber bands hurt.  Okay they said.  So, they messed around.  Grandpa found some empty soda cans and lined them up on a chair.  He told them that if you put something behind your target you won’t lose your rubber bands.

Boy they got good in a hurry.  They shot and replaced their rubber bands for hours.  Really.  Then Grandpa said they had to do one more thing.  What?  Where?  In the clubhouse.   They marched into the clubhouse, guns in hand.

Grandpa said that guns needed gun racks.  So, he built one with the help of the gun owners.  When the day is done, and the rubber bands are all lost, the guns can rest on the wall of the clubhouse until they are used again.  Talmage wrote his name on his gun and then his brother’s name.  Now they could tell them apart.  They rested the guns 0n the rack and called it a day.  A good day.  Thanks, Grandpa.  We love you.

” Look, Grandma.  I can balance my gun on my face.”


“Hmmmmm . . . that’s a useful skill.”


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