Make Your Own Scoop Game

“No you never get any fun

out of the things you haven’t done.”

-Ogden Nash-

journal entry:

Yup.  These are pet food scoops.  Why would they make them so cute and colorful? Dogs and cats certainly don’t care what color their scoops are.  I spotted them on the bottom shelf at the back of the dollar store.  Yes, the dollar store.  I gathered them up, my mind racing with all of the things they could do if they lived at my house.  They could catch colored balls.  They could dig in the sandbox.  They could dig in the mud.  They could make small riverbeds for the hose to fill up.  They could dig a hole to bury something in.  They could dig a hole to fill with water, or rocks.  Plastic balls four for a dollar too.  It’s true !

“What’s the scoop, Clark?”

-Lois Lane-

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