Retro Tablecloth in an Hour


I have to admit that I didn’t care for “retro” when it wasn’t “retro”.  When it was just regular stuff  in the present . . . the present of the past if you know what I mean.

I am still horrified when I mix and match prints and stripes and dots and different colors. After all, in the “olden days” that just wasn’t done.

There is something very rebellious about sewing today. You can mix and match anything and everything and come out with bright and fun things which are perfectly tasteful . . . according to “today” which will be double retro because someday today will come back again but it will actually be yesterday twice removed. I know what I mean even if you don’t.

Take this quick and easy tablecloth. Well, don’t take it but use it as an example of what I am talking about.



There is nothing special or unusual or difficult about making a tablecloth. A tablecloth can be any size or shape or fabric or color or mix of colors. I loved these four quilt shop fabrics immediately and decided to make a tablecloth to put in my picnic basket.  SO easy. SO FUN !

I simply sewed four strips of cloth together and finished all of the edges with the zig-zag on my sewing machine. When everything was finished and square I added the rick-rack and ironed out the wrinkles.


I am ready for a picnic and I love things that are fast and easy and almost foolproof.

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