Summer Puppets: Iguana and Boa Buddies

Hey, Grandchildren:

Here is another “this-from-that” puppet for our summer gathering. This-from-that means that a person makes something useful out of something else. This animal is now a puppet and with your help he will be able to walk and talk and wiggle and flop.

Wow ! Won’t he love you !

He came from the thrift store and has been washed and dried. He always wears a furry, blue jacket, which was given to him (so I am told) by a passing Royal Blue Iguana who grew out of it and didn’t want to throw it away. The jacket has diamond buttons and fits him perfectly. Someone told him that the jacket had magical powers.

He is a little strange, however.

He always wears his friend around his neck. His friend is a medium-sized boa constrictor with black eyes. I don’t know why our puppet doesn’t worry about the boa’s great strength but he doesn’t. They go everywhere together.

What do you think about that story?

Do you believe it?

Can you come up with a better one?


I have sewn a long stocking onto his belly.

When you slide your arm into the stocking

you can make him walk around and sneak up on people.

I wonder what his story might be?

I don’t know his name or where he came from.

I don’t know much about him at all.

Be thinking. 


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