More Great-Grandmother's Hats

All of my granddaughters love my mother’s hats.  They are so different, especially with the net pulled down.  There is something mysterious about hiding behind it.  Keeley and I talked about it.  Did she want to take some photographs in the hats?  YES.  She did.  She put on the string of pearls . . . […]

Great Grandmother's Hats

“Leave everyone wondering which is the most interesting piece of work . . . YOU, or your hat?” -Unknown- journal entry: These are my mother’s hats.  They are from the middle 1940s.  I am so glad that she kept them.  They are mine when she is gone.  I borrowed them for a very fun new […]

Tiny Things to Tuck Away

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“HATS, where do you belong? What is under you? On the rim of a skyscraper’s forehead I looked down at fifty thousand hats: Swarming with a noise of bees and sheep, cattle and waterfalls, Stopping with a silence of sea grass, a silence of prairie corn. Hats.  Tell me your high hopes. -Carl Sandburg- journal […]

Dress Up Hat for Mommy

“They know they’re going to look beautiful, and I don’t think women should look like costumes. They shouldn’t look like fashion victims.” -Ralph Lauren- journal entry: Fancy hats are for anywhere.  Fancy hats can be really inexpensive to get your hands on.  If you wore this fancy hat, you would be holding a $3.00 hat.  […]

Dress-Up Hats


“Don’t hang your hat higher than you can reach.’ -Author Unknown- journal entry: As a grandma, I wonder about other grandmas.  What they do and think and how they get by.  Some grandmas have what they need.  Some have a little extra.  Some have a lot extra.  Most have what they need and the creativity […]